Blake Boles and The Art of Self-Directed Learning DVD
Macomber Center hosts Blake Boles, who directs Unschool Adventures and is the author of The Art of Self-Directed LearningBetter Than College, and College Without High School.



Springshow 2014 DVD
Macomber members display their musical, comedy and dance talents in our first variety show.
Songs include: Me and Bobby McGee, Benny and the Jets and Cherry Bomb.
Hosted by Lillian and Calvin. 1hr.


Wintershow 2014 DVD
More musical variety and dance.
Includes the cast dancing The Nutcracker as the grand finale.
Songs include: Crazy Train, Holy Chicken and Wild Thing.
Hosted by Nell and James. 1hr.

Springshow 2015 DVD
Macomber members return to the stage once again.
Songs include: White’n'Nerdy, a medley of Stevie Wonder hits, Chilly Winds.
Plus our own Swan Lake ballet is presented by the cast.
Hosted by Martin and Karinna. 1hr.


Wintershow 2015 DVD
Still more comedy, dance and music from Macomber.
Songs include: These Boots are Made for Walking, Summer of ’69, All You Need is Love.
Debut of a new version of the Nutcracker ballet.
Hosted by Ian and Plamen. 1hr.


It Happened on Horrible Hill  DVD
An action/adventure movie produced at the Macomber Center and starring our members.
In the present day town of Salem End, a young basketball player suddenly vanishes. Determined to find their friend, two girls embark on a supernatural rescue mission. Aided by a child genius, the two are jettisoned into the past. Arriving in the year 1692, they find themselves in a Salem End crawling with Witch Hunters, strange forest dwellers and the feared Cowasock Indian tribe. Now it’s up to Skout and Miki to win over Indians, reverse a centuries old curse, battle Witch Hunters and try to find their doomed friend Sarah. Note: This story was inspired by real people and events that happened on the campus of the Macomber Center in 17th Century colonial times.  20131hr.


Danger Rescue Team 300 - Season One  DVD
Three brave young men and their female boss “The Chief” undertake super-dangerous missions to save lives. Along the way they do battle with giant spiders, hillbillies, motorcycle gangs and much more. Plenty of laughs are sprinkled throughout the nail-biting action. Produced here at the Center and starring our members. Includes six 10-minute episodes plus a bonus “Making of DRT300” featurette. 2014