Meet Our Staff

There are six staff at Macomber Center, all of whom have a wide range of interests and abilities. More importantly, each of our staff members respects young people and encourages their independence. The role of our staff is to provide support and encouragement to our members within the context of authentic relationship. We get to know our young people, and we encourage them to find and pursue whatever interests them. Along the way, we make available any resources – people, information, tools – that our members need to pursue their interests and grow into independence.


Ben Draper

Ben is the Executive Director, and works full time at the Center. Philosophy, Art and Psychology are subjects he enjoys sharing with members. In 2018 Ben was appointed to be a Director's Fellow at the MIT Media Lab!


Denise Geddes

Denise is our Administrative Director, works full time, and handles the paperwork side of the Center. She is passionate about photography, and often engages in cooking with interested members, making meals for everyone to share.


mark bell

Mark Bell is at the Center three days a week, and is the producer/director/writer of the amazing movies Macomber Center premiers every year, as well as being the producer of our Music Shows, which highlight the many musical talents of our members


dan dick

Dan works five days a week at the Center, and shares his knowledge of math and music, mindfulness, academic test-taking and singing, along with many other subjects

staff 4.jpg


James is here five days a week and offers everything from marine biology and Latin classes to extreme Lego building and bananagram playing, as well as many outdoor organized activities, including wilderness survival skills, orienteering skills, camping skills and rock climbing.



Kerry works with us five days a week, and engages with all ages in all types of activities, from active sports to cooking, gardening to reading aloud, music playing and singing, to all sorts of sewing and knitting projects.  She is an enthusiastic participant in the life of the Center, to the delight of all!