We offer both full- and part-time membership options. The Center is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday from mid-September to mid-June. Families are asked to declare their chosen days when membership begins.


  • 5 days a week, for $9,267

  • 4 days a week, for $8,155

  • 3 days a week, for $6,086

  • 2 days a week, for $4,099

The membership fee is pro-rated after the end of October. Please contact the Center for more information on pro-rated fees.



The visit week provides prospective members an opportunity to experience daily life in our community and is required for membership.

The visit week fee is $250. 

Visit weeks must be completed in five consecutive days for full time membership, and may be completed over two weeks, if necessary, for part-time membership.

Upon completion of the visit week, prospective families and Macomber Center staff will discuss the visit week experience and assess the prospect of membership.


Changes in membership level: Members who want to spend more time at the Center may increase their membership level at any point during the academic year, providing there is sufficient space. Members may not decrease their membership level until the following academic year.
Drop off/pick up: The Center is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Please allow sufficient time when picking up your child to ensure that we can close on time. If you will be late for pick up, please call the Center as soon as possible. Consistent late pick up will result in a fee of $10 being charged for every 15 minutes past closing time.
Weather related closings: Macomber Center will be closed on the first day of any weather-related emergency in accordance with the Framingham Public Schools. Macomber Center will open at the usual time when Framingham Public Schools declare a “delayed opening.” Families should check local media outlets for a Framingham Public Schools closing announcement. On subsequent days of a closing, Macomber Center will assess the conditions as they pertain to the Center and will decide whether the Center will be open. This decision will be based on staff’s and volunteer’s ability to arrive safely at the Center, and on the conditions at the Center itself: plowing and shoveling completed, exits free of obstructions, and heat and power operative. Member families will be informed via email of the status of the Center by 8pm the evening before the school day in question.