Sudbury Valley School

Open Houses and Other Events

Our weekly Open Houses are part of our commitment to keeping our doors open to the larger community. An important factor in Macomber Center's inception was the desire to create an avenue for family and friends to be involved in the culture of the Center on a regular basis. The Open Houses are a two way street. They provide an opportunity for parents and other family members to see the activity of the center unfold from week to week and stay connected to the community. But they also provides a source of renewal to the center, a steady stream of interested people from the outside, creating ever new connections to the larger community. The Open Houses that we have had this year have brought some old friends to our door, interested to see what we are doing. A few of these unexpected reunions have brought about productive and lasting relationships. Dan Dick, one of my favorite staff members from my time as a student at Sudbury Valley School, joined us one Friday afternoon and pretty soon he was a regular fixture of our community, engaging the kids in music, advanced math projects, and infecting us all with his warmth and humor.

Another way in which we are trying to stay connected to the community-at-large is by hosting public events. This month we will be transforming our main building into a concert venue. On December 14th, Hot Dirt, this year's winner of Boston's Battle of The Bands, will be performing; opening acts for Hot Dirt will include performances by members of our extended community, Matthew and Caroline O'Leary.  For full details click here.

Photo by Tess Morningstar