Molly Chanoff

Movement Vocabulary.

Recently on a cold Friday, the members of Macomber Center were treated to a workshop given by Molly Chanoff - a workshop which turned everyone upside down, literally!

Molly is a member of the renowned Dance Troupe LAVA, whose home is a studio in Brooklyn, NewYork. There, classes in gymnastic acrobatics for families and professional performers take place, emphasizing core strength and power, as well as training in trapeze art and Capoeira.

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art form originating in the 16th century, with dance, acrobatics, play and music disguising its original intent. Molly demonstrated and taught exercises for increasing flexibility and core strength, different types of multi-person balancing acts, head stands and hand stands. Everyone came away with an increased understanding of how balance works for themselves, and their interactions with others. It was a fabulous afternoon!