Spring Thing

It’s happening again. 

I should expect this by now, after twenty years of working with kids.

Yet it still takes me by surprise. It all just sneaks-up, right about now.  During the final twelve or seven or three days of every year. 

This weird thing happens. 

First, a kid who seemed really happy to ignore me all year, suddenly joins me outside - while I’m trying to get a kite airborne - and engages me in a rather lengthy and amazingly human conversation. 

Then another, someone I’ve known for a while, begins jamming with me on this whole different level.  Confident, relaxed.  We’re trading chops and truly making music for the first time. Communicating in this whole new dimension.  

And today, and during this past week, a trail of kids have been stopping by to tell me about things they’d like to accomplish next year.  Things they want to do.  Bigger, better, more challenging things they would like to get done at the Center. 

Hearing all these ideas and dreams and experiencing these last minute Spring breakthroughs, I guess it makes me reflect a bit too.  Imagining how I might become a more effective staff for everyone here, when our Fall semester rolls around.

The last minute progress and future ambitions streaming in from our members during these final days of this incredible 2015/16 Macomber year will stay with me. 

 I take these words and actions seriously and I will revisit them all in the fall.  I’ll do what I can to keep the ball rolling with my Spring breakthroughs and do what I can to help the other's ideas for the future actually happen.

From what I’ve seen, working with all kinds of students over these years, about half of the kids will still want to act on their Spring resolutions next Fall.

The ones who don’t immediately follow-up in the Fall are still on the right track.  Verbalizing their hopes and pondering their futures is a vital step. If at first you don’t succeed...

Hey, I’d be a slimmer, healthier and much more muscular staff member if I'd followed through on every resolution I ever made.