Save The Inchworms

10:30 am: The campus is still a bit mushy from last night’s rain. But this morning the sun is shining bright and most of our members are already down on the field playing “a very weird variation of Kick-the-Can” with James, Ben and Matt. As I enter the Center, Dan is trying to convince the flute player that she can compose her own Irish tune. Two little girls are in the back, playing photo-booth on the iMac. Denise is out at an appointment. I tape a poster on the front door advertising the just-released Springshow DVD. The show, held two weeks ago, was very successful. Raising over $600 for our performing arts fund. Enough to finish paying off our digital drum set, get a nice electric/acoustic guitar, plus some extra lighting gear for our next concert.

11:00 am:  Two teenagers walk in.

Him: Do you want to borrow my Quantum Mechanics book?

Her:  Ummm….no thanks, I’m good.

He walks over to me. “Hey Mark, I think it’s time to make a new movie.”  This initiates a discussion. Three other teens join our table and we throw around some story and character ideas. After about fifteen minutes we start to come up with the rough framework for a script.

A minute later the two little photo-booth girls march over and hand me a tiny flyer. “Save the inch worms,” they plead. According to the inchworm supporters, there is an opposing group on campus who are anti-inch worm because they "eat the trees". The supporters insist that "In order to save the planet we must protect the worms”. 

The two conservationists color in some more worm flyers and parade out the door. 

11:30 am: Two of my best grilled-cheese makers are here today. Both work independently and fast. One whips up a dozen root-beer floats while the other grills up several stacks of sandwiches. I head back to the music room to find the flute player who is also our regular cashier. She and Dan are in the midst of writing that Irish tune together - I hate to interrupt a tune-in-the-making but I have hot sandwiches to sell. The lunch stand opens as Denise arrives back at the Center. 

Another presidential primary was held last night and several 11 year-old boys are sitting at the round table, munching their grilled cheese and discussing election results. 

12:30 pm: We hold our weekly meeting half an hour early today. The sandwich-griller chairs the proceedings for us. The agenda is shorter than usual. We have two planned field trips; One to Sky-Zone and one to Southwick Zoo. Brief discussion.  Meeting adjourned.

1:00 pm: Today I am filming Episode XXXI of Space Thieves. The series follows the extraordinary adventures of two kids from Earth who borrow an unattended NASA rocket ship and blast off into outer space. On the way to Mars the explorers are joined by a third Earthling and later a Saturnian and two Venusians. After battling the Queen of Mars they rocket out to Neptune and eventually land on Pluto, where they are currently stranded. Today’s cliffhanger features the regular explorers along with Princess Snowflake of Pluto, the mysterious alien Maximus and Squirrelly Boy. The sandwich griller helps out as script-girl for today's shoot.

2:00 pm:  Over on the playing field a big game of Capture is raging.  Meanwhile, back inside the Center, Dan is trying to trouble shoot a glitch on Denise’s laptop computer. The flute player watches intently.  A cluster of kids is down on the floor surrounding a large paper banner that will be part of our annual Pot Luck afternoon. It's coming up on Saturday, June 4. Everyone adds a bit of art, or a doodle or a signature to the colorful banner.

2:30 pm: A trio of boys is seated in front of the iMac. They Google puppy memes. As each dog photo comes up they take turns reading the captions out loud to each other, adding some nice dramatic and comedic flourishes to the lines.  

 3:00 pm: Ben is tidying up for the Open House that is soon to begin. As I pack up my camera and bread loaf-ends to leave, I hear the flute player and Dan, back in the music room, figuring out another Beatles song.