Welcome Back!

Every year is different at the Macomber Center; that’s what makes it so exciting. It’s never clear at the beginning of the year where things are headed, but there’s always a feeling of excitement and an eagerness to set out on something new together and see where it takes us.  

There are some interesting ideas floating around at the moment, possible projects for the Fall, and now that we have the Art Building cleared out for our use, we have more project space than we have had in past years. Also, permitting for construction is under way for our new Music Room, which, in addition to providing much-needed space for all the music that goes on here, will free up the old music room for new things to move in. (This week, for instance, we turned the entire room into a giant camera obscura!) There are already so many amazing things starting to take form and it’s only the first week!  

One of our goals this year is to try to communicate what day-to-day life is like here at the Center. Something that we hear often from parents is that when they come to pick their kids up, and ask how the day went, it’s hard to get much out of them. This is partly just how some kids are. But I think it also has to do with the fact that they are taking in so much when they are here.  

This is a very vibrant place. At any given moment, there are multiple activities taking place, activities of very different sorts. They begin to take shape, run their course, then morph into something else entirely. And all the while, kids and staff are moving between one thing and another. It’s not as though we are just all marching together, from one activity to another. So, it’s no wonder that kids tend to fob the question off entirely. I myself find it difficult to reflect on the dynamic activity of a given day and try to distill down some bit of it. What happens at the Center does not feel like a linear, narrative experience.   

Our hope is to try to capture some of what makes this such a vital community by giving each of our six staff an opportunity to approach it from their unique vantage point in a blog. We look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you on a weekly basis.