One Macomber Day

6:30am  Email Dan to bring his banjo with him to the Center today.

8:45am  Leave home in Marshfield Hills.  

10:00am  Good traffic today. Arrive at the Center right on time.  Sign in. Head for the music room. Show a member the bass part to a Taylor Swift song.  We need the other guitar player but she is out with the weekly tennis field trip.

10:30am  Check in with another member about the aftermath of last weekend’s Rhonda Rousey fight.  Undefeated Rousey lost her first fight - badly - in Australia.  Our teenage U.F.C. fan has an update. Reconstructive surgery required.

10:45am  Back in the music room. Sketch out an arrangement with Dan. I’m on guitar and he’s on trumpet. A few members drift through and watch us figure out the changes. 

11:00am  Margaret rehearses Nutcracker dancers in the main room.  I’m busy discussing horses and riding with two members. Talking about buying proper pants and different styles of riding boots for the sport.

11:15am  Actors from Space Thieves invade the music room. One plays the mini-violin. Others bonk the piano. I barge in. Need an update on possible/maybes for the Wintershow.

11:45am  Music grilled cheese fundraiser today. Two members clear and set-up the serving table. One begins to construct root beer floats while the other sets up the griddle.  Our cheese slices are individually wrapped. I go out and nab another member - he's busy watching his friend’s video screen - “Can you help us in the kitchen?” "Sure, no problem.”  He joins us to peel cheese wrappers. The tennis players return. The food line grows. Everybody eats. Followed by a super-raffle and valuable prize give-away. A bit later Denise tells me that we made a $40 profit. That’s a relief because I just spent $200 on cables and microphones for our upcoming show.

12:15pm  After clean up, I grab a cup of blueberry tea and sit with the UFC fan. The Space Thieves float over to ask if we can film a new episode today. Denise gives me a few sheets of paper and I start writing a script. 

12:45pm  The ballet dancers begin to rehearse again.  I get an update on the Campus Clean Up Day that was held this past Monday. Sounds like all our kids and staff joined-in. They collected a small mountain of trash. And hey - the member I’m talking with says he found a littered bag - filled with $28 dollars cash!

1:00pm  Weekly Meeting. A big group attends. A very interesting discussion about the current, daily two-hour video game-free time out. Other topics: a proposed Magic card tournament and inappropriate name-calling.  

1:45pm  We set up microphones and get tuned-up in the music room. First up is the Taylor Swift song with a trio of young vocalists backed by two guitars, banjo and electric bass. Sounds so good with the added banjo - we run it through a couple more times before moving on to our top-secret new arrangement of Summer of ’69. Then we call in some extra percussionists to work on another familiar tune we’ll be performing at Wintershow. After that, we attack a hard rock instrumental. Our jams are sounding really tight today and the afternoon flies by. 

3:10pm  Dan needs the music room to tutor math. I swiftly run away from the math and bump into our ballet choreographer in the main room. She goes over a few Nutcracker production details with me. Then I see Cindy holding a baby.  Her infant doesn’t seem ready to sing or dance - so I sign out for the day and head back home to Marshfield Hills.