Mac Cheese

Mac Cheese (band) 
by Ian Wittler

Mac Cheese is an alternative rock band, formed in 2015 at the Macomber Center in Framingham, Massachusetts.  The band has had three members thus far: Ethan F (lead vocals), Ethan Z (drums, ukulele) and Ian W (guitar, backup vocals).  The group is famous for having the best, most handsome, and gifted guitarist in the known universe. 

Mac Cheese first started around May 2015. It is not known how the band was formed.  According to founding member, Ethan Z, “We don't know how it was formed but we do know that it consists of 3 "mature adults" that love to play music from the heart and soul. Just kidding! Listen to it and you will see what I mean.” The first known instance was identified when Ian W was approached by both Ethans offering him to join the band. Ian accepted and they made their first album, Mac Attack, in the same day. Mac Attack was released on YouTube on May 21, 2015. As of October 5th, 2015, it has received about 400 views and has gotten overall positive reactions:

“can i just say that “My Mother is A Science” is the best song I’ve heard in my life”

“Instant classic”
-John Doe

1. Super Jam Sesh (Mental Shut Up)

2. Sandwiches Suck (Lmaoooooooo)

3. I Have No Arms But I Can Still Play The Ukulele

4. My Mother Is A Science

5. Chicken Medicine

6. I Don't Have A Friend (To Food With)

7. I Don't Have Any Sandwiches Left (Yay)

8. Sonic The Hedgehog Is My Role Model

Where They Are Now

Mac Cheese took a summer hiatus, lasting from June 4, 2015 to September 14, 2015. Unfortunately for the band, the lead vocalist, Ethan F was kidnapped by an angry swarm of llamas. Vowing to avenge their missing comrade with the power of music, Ethan Z and Ian W swore to make the best music ever made. Ian W took the role of lead vocals following Ethan F’s tragic passing. A third, untitled album is currently in production.  A second album was created, titled “The Mac Strikes Back”, containing 12 tracks instead of the 8 featured in Mac Attack. However, it was never released. The group plans to release it shortly.

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