Last Saturday the Macomber Center hosted our annual Springshow. It was filled with truly inspired performances by kids of all ages, working together to bring out the best in each performer. It really showed how much genuine collaboration takes place here between big kids and little kids, and between accomplished performers and beginners. In addition to the usual line up of excellent musicians and dancers, this year’s show highlighted some breakout performances by kids who have only been working at their instruments for a couple of months. These kids are always willing to challenge themselves, and it’s the sign of a healthy community when kids feel safe enough to go outside their comfort zone.  But it’s not just the kids who challenge themselves here, it’s the adults too. A 6 minute version of Swan Lake, brilliantly adapted by Margaret, 15, opened with relevé entrances by Dan and Mark, both staff at the Center. Neither of them had any prior dance experience, but like everyone else who Margaret selected for her production, they accepted the challenge and worked hard during the weeks leading up to it.

The Springshow has become an occasion to celebrate this special community that we have created at the Macomber Center and for parents, relatives, and friends to get a glimpse into these kid’s creative lives at the Center. This year’s show had a special feature though. About a half hour into the show, everyone's attention was directed towards the back of the room to a promotional video that the kids had made with Mark to raise money for a new music room.

After the 30 second video was shown, Nomi Sofer, one of our founding parents, made an exciting announcement: Several families have decided to put up a $15,000 matching challenge. If we can raise $15,000 by May 25th that money will be matched and we will have the $30,000 that we need to begin construction on the new room this summer!

You can help us reach our goal by donating $10, $100, $1,000, or any amount that is comfortable for you.

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