The Creeps of Animal Mansion

"Okay, so the pizza resistance appears on the prairie. Now, how does the pizza resistance make the witch disappear?" I usually have to block out a certain amount of activity and noise if I need to concentrate on something like entering the weekly schedule into the online calendar, which is what I happened to be doing when these words broke right through that barrier.  So how does the pizza resistance make the witch disappear? This was Mark's question to Aurora.  "They squeeze it" said Aurora.  "They" being the two main characters in Aurora's latest script for The Creeps of Animal Mansion.  It was Mark's job to transcribe while Aurora dictated to him. Aurora is a 7 year old who spends most of her time creating games and stories and roping as many kids and adults into her imaginary worlds as she possibly can.  She has as little  need for the distinction between child and adult as she does for the distinction between  fiction and reality.  Lately, she has been working with Mark to give her stories a cinematic form.  She has written, directed and acted in a film series entitled Space Thieves, about a small crew of outer space explorers whose spaceship is invaded by burglars.

As Aurora sat eating her cashew nuts and narrating this elaborate plot to Mark, and Mark sat intently recording every detail, I thought to myself, where else would this meeting of two kindred spirits be possible; Aurora, who likes to run around outside wielding large sticks and dividing up territory, and Mark Bell, the former front man for the legendary 80's rock band, Thunder Train and an amateur film-maker with a passion for zombie movies.  What struck me most as I sat watching them work was not how different they are but how much they respected each other.