That's Showbiz!

By Mark Bell This December the Macomber Center will present our first Wintershow. A musical variety show featuring our members. Last April’s Springshow drew a great crowd and was a real hit. The cast members from our variety shows also enjoy acting in films we produce here at the Center.

Most exciting for me is seeing the fall-out that occurs around and after these productions. Kids huddle together dreaming up their own movie roles and stories. Some write their own scripts and even film scenes of their own. Kids put together their own dances and perform for their friends. Some sit at the piano and work out melodies. Several of them formed a rock band and began collaborating on songs while sticking to their own daily rehearsal schedule. Being a performer is fun but it gets tough as you progress. The inner discipline and time investment required to learn a dance step or play a musical instrument is formidable. Adding more people into the mix and creating a rock band or dance group and delivering a finished project to the stage is truly a feat.

I look forward to producing the Wintershow and Springshow along with some new movies at the Center this year. The cast members still enjoy working under my direction - and seeing how I get out of jams. But after my productions wrap, the kids keep the train rolling. Growing creatively under their own direction. That is what satisfies me the most.